Success Stories

An Early Christmas Gift – December 2013

John* is a long-term psychiatric patient (diagnosed with schizophrenia) who was keen to supplement his income with a part-time job. John’s previous work history included jobs in welding, metal fabrication and warehouse work.

John met with a Case Manager at the WorkBC Centre and agreed to participate in a series of job search workshops. The topics included Transferable Skills, Winning Resumes, Using Internet and Email for Job Search, and Interview Skills. He also worked 1-1 with staff in the Self-Serve Resource Area. Thought his efforts, John secured a part-time position as a Warehouse Clerk at a local company.

We followed up with John in December. He shared that he has not missed a day of work and that he has been recognized for his punctuality and work ethic. He told his Case Manager that as a result of the job and the additional income, he no longer visits the Food Bank. He also reported that he is making plans to celebrate Christmas for the first time in years.

Congratulations John on your success!

*The client’s name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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