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New Innovation Hub for High-Tech Businesses in Coquitlam

TriCelerate, a non-profit organization, in liaison with the Coquitlam Public Library and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce will be launching the Coquitlam Innovation Hub—an initiative that will help people develop their ideas on AutoCAD software and 3D Makerbot printers. Speaking about the reason behind this new networking program, co-founder Jason Carvalho said, “Having a gathering place where local entrepreneurs can connect with human and technological resources to realize their full potential is fundamental to growing local start-ups and creating jobs.” Interested participants are requested to register at www.meetup.com (search ‘TriCelerate).


English Language Literacy Initiatives for New Immigrants and Refugees in the Tri-Cities

Tri-City residents are ready to welcome their neighbours through volunteer tutoring programs and conversational get-togethers. Several residents have already been pitching in to help new immigrants and refugees develop their language skills. Jan Meyer, a member of the Soroptimist International of the Tri-Cities, has actively been organizing conversation circles for women. She says, “We try to help people who have more work to do on their literacy path…” Jan, like many other volunteers, believes that developing language proficiency would reduce the risk of isolation and also break down barriers.

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Provincial and National News

Vancouver Fastest Growing Economy in 2015

According to the Conference Board of Canada, Vancouver’s economy is expected to have the highest rate of growth in 2015. It predicts an expansion of 3.4% this year. Manufacturing experienced the maximum growth at 8.6%. This growth is expected to continue in the next year as well.

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