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Many job-seekers are looking for employment in Social Services and Non-Profit sectors. This week, we would like to feature the following jobs:


Job Title


Application Deadline

Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows

Fundraising/Special Events Coordinator

Ridge Meadows Hospice Society

January 18, 2015


Volunteer Coordinator (Shadbolt)

City of Burnaby

January 23, 2015


Fundraising and Development Coordinator


January 29, 2015


Here are a few hints if you want to focus your job search in Social Services and Non-Profit organizations:

1. Research your local non-profit organizations. You can start by creating a list of 10 to 20 organizations. Their websites are great starting points for your research. If you want to take it one step further, you can participate in local charity events and other happenings. Did you know that you can set up job alerts on certain job posting websites for specific organizations? Even if the job posting is not relevant to you, you can gain valuable information by reading it and following the organization’s trends.

The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce offers a comprehensive list of the local social services and non-profit organizations. Please visit for further details.

2. Start volunteering. This is a great way to gain valuable experience, meet potential employers and build positive references. If you are switching careers and need to modify your resume, you will be able to do so by including your volunteer experience.

3. Grow your network. Networking can include informational interviews with employees of your shortlisted non-profit organizations. Another avenue to consider is to attend a ‘Meetup’ group in the Tri-Cities and Metro Vancouver areas representing interests of people wanting to work for non-profits and social services. Check to find out if there is a common group of interest for you.

4. Specialized online job portals are a great tool for job search as well. We recommend the following job boards that specifically feature jobs in non-profits:

5. Visit your local WorkBC center to find out more about jobs in this field. At the Port Moody Employment Services Center we provide a variety of general and industry-specific resources that will provide further information about working for Non-Profits, Government and Health Care organizations. Our books—Real Resumes for Social Work & Counseling Jobs by Anne McKinney, Resumes for Social Service Careers by the editors of McGraw Hill, and Transitioning to the Non-Profit Sector by Laura Gassner Otting—are a great source of reference as well! We will be happy to offer these materials to you and answer any questions you may have.




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