Connect with Job Seekers

We can help you hire and retain qualified employees

Part of our mandate is to play an active role in connecting job seekers and local employers. Here are some ways we can work with you to recruit, hire and retain qualified employees:

Free Job Postings

Connect With Job SeekersConnect with skilled job seekers by posting your job with us. We will share it with job seekers in the Employment Services Centre and will publish it on the Hot Jobs feature on our website.

Job Placement Services

Our job placement services help you find the right employee. If you are looking for full time, part time or temporary employees, we can help you connect with qualified job seekers. To support a successful orientation we provide on-the-job training and coaching for eligible employees.

Customized Placement

This service meets the needs of individuals with disabilities or other employment limitations. It is designed to be win-win for you and the job seeker. If you embrace workplace diversity, have unmet labour needs and are open to a creative approach to hiring, please contact us!

Wage Subsidy

We provide financial assistance towards the wages of an employee that you might not otherwise hire because they lack the skills or experience for the position. The wage subsidy supports the training and integration of your new employee and is intended as a temporary measure. It is expected that employees maintain employment following the subsidy period.

Eligible employers include:

  • Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Crown corporations
  • Municipalities or provincial/territorial governments
  • First Nations councils
  • Public health and educational institutions

Contact us if you have a candidate who is eligible for wage subsidy or if you would like to connect with job seekers who are eligible for wage subsidy.

Unpaid Work Experience / Job Shadowing

We work closely with local employers to coordinate unpaid work experience placements and job shadowing experiences for our clients. For job seekers the benefits include: gaining work experience, getting some on-the-job training, and or becoming familiar with Canadian workplace culture.

As a participating employer you have opportunity to:

  • Access short-term volunteer labour
  • Meet potential employees
  • Promote your organization as a great place to work
  • Give back to your community

Job Creation Partnerships

You can access funding through WorkBC to assist with local projects that provide useful work experience and skill enhancement opportunities to eligible job seekers. Projects should benefit the job seeker, community and the local economy. To learn more about applying for funding, please review the Applicant Guide on the WorkBC website (

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