Skills Training

Skills Training

Are you interested in developing new skills? There are three different types of training available through the WorkBC Centre: essential skills training, short-term orientation & certificate training, and skills training.

Essential Skills Training

Essential skills training improves your employment readiness. Courses can be offered individually or combined with other training. Essential skills training duration may vary from a few days to sometimes several weeks or months, depending on the topic and whether or not topics are combined.

Short-Term Orientation & Certificate Training

Short-Term Orientation and Certificate (STOC) training supports you in meeting the minimum entry requirements for a job or an industry. STOC training is never more than a few days in length and must normally be part of a group based job search workshop.

Skills Training

Skills training helps you develop skills for the labour market, including occupational skills training, academic pre-requisites for skills training or employment, and language skills training. Language courses normally do not exceed a few months, and academic upgrading as a prerequisite for occupational skills training can be as brief as a month or two, or take up to a few years to complete. Occupational skills training normally does not exceed one year in length, but can sometimes be longer.

To access skills training, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. If you are eligible, you will work with a Case Manager to complete an in-depth application that involves school and labour market research.

If you are interested in skills training and want to know if you are eligible to participate, please visit our WorkBC Centre to discuss your situation with a Case Manager. If you are not eligible or suitable for training, we will help you explore other funding options including student loans, scholarships or self-funding.

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