Disability Services

Need help finding suitable work opportunities and connecting with employers?

We have specialized Case Managers that can help you explore suitable work opportunities based on your individual needs. Together you will identify the job duties, workplace environment, work schedule and supports you need to be successful.

Your Case Manager can also support your job search by assisting you with the development of a professional resume, reviewing interview strategies and sourcing job leads. If more support is needed, we will connect you directly with employers through our job placement services.

Employment services

  • employment counselling and support
  • group & one-to-one employment focused workshops
  • online programs offering flexibility and individualized support
  • skills training and financial supports while you are in training
  • employment related disability supports

Once you have found employment, we can assist with job coaching support to help you transition to work, and explore the need for technical aids, adaptive equipment or other supports to help you stay at work.

Workplace supports

  • assistive devices, equipment and technology
  • workplace access and modification
  • communication/hearing devices
  • ergonomic supports and other personal devices
  • personal attendant care services
  • interpreting or captioning

If you need special assistance contact us to make arrangements for your visit.

Other Resources

Customized Employment

If the conventional labour market is not for you, Customized Employment is a highly personalized solution that creates a unique opportunity based on your skills, needs, and abilities.

Self Employment

The Self Employment program helps you create a job for yourself and to become self-sufficient after starting a business. If eligible, you will receive living supports during training and while you are learning to run your business.

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