Customized Employment

Customized Employment

Customized Employment is a highly personalized solution that creates a unique opportunity based on your skills, needs, and abilities. Customized Employment is a person-centered, holistic approach outside of traditional job seeking. For an employer, Customized Employment can pair a niche need in the business with a unique staffing solution.

Discovery Process

The Customized Employment program begins with a Discovery Process. You will work together with a Customized Employment Specialist, who coordinates a series of activities designed to discover what your unique gifts and abilities are.
Personal Employment Plan

From the Discovery Process you create themes that become the foundation for your employment plan. The Customized Employment Specialist will develop a personalized profile which communicates your unique strengths and interests to prospective employers, and will identify work environments in the community that may be a good fit for you.

The Customized Employment Specialist can provide job coaching support in learning tasks or behind the scenes support, with as much or little direct intervention as you are comfortable with.

Depending on your employment needs, financial support may be provided for transportation, work clothing & tools, and certifications.

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