Apprentice Program Financial Supports

apprenticeAn apprentice is an individual who is registered in an Industry Training Authority (ITA) approved training program. Apprentices who meet Employment Insurance (EI) eligibility requirements are eligible for financial supports through the program while participating in the classroom technical training components of their training.

There are two ways to apply for Apprentice Program Financial Supports.

Apply Through the Apprentice Online Portal

If you are a Registered Apprentice with ITA and are attached to an employer sponsor, an Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategies (ASETS) sponsor or a Union Hiring Hall, you must use the Apprentice Online Portal to apply for financial supports.

Step 1: Register for training
Start by registering for technical training with an ITA designated training provider. You must be accepted into the program before applying for financial supports. The ITA website provides a list of approved training providers.

Step 2: Login to the Apprentice Online Portal
Once you are registered in training, use the AOP to apply for Program Financial Supports. To use the portal you need a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) and your ITA Registration Number.

Apply at your Local WorkBC Centre

If you are not attached to an employer or other sponsor and you want to access apprenticeship training, or if you have lost your employer sponsorship due to lay-off, you may be considered for apprentice services through the WorkBC Centre. Our staff will assess your need and eligibility for apprentice services. If you are eligible, you will work with a Case Manager to complete and submit a paper application for Apprentice Program Financial Supports.

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